155 Belmore Road, Randwick 2031 Tel: 02 9399 6327

A number of very experienced Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors also practise from Randwick Medical.

They specialise in all areas of mental health such as anxiety and depression, stress management, eating disorders, relationship counselling and other emotional and behavioural issues.

You may be eligible for a Medicare subsidy if you have a specialist Mental Healthcare Plan from your General Practitioner.   Please consult your Doctor for more information.

Your Doctor can also advise and refer you to the Clinician best suited to your individual needs.

For all appointments for Psychology consultations please contact your Therapist directly.


Psychologists – Information and Contact numbers

SUSAN TANNER Psychologist
LEE MCDOWELL Clinical Psychologist
NADA SPASOJEVIC Clinical Psychologist
YVETTE HALL Psychologist
JULIA TOCKAR Clinical Psychologist